Adams Last Day of Work

Today, Thursday May 28th, I watched as Adam loaded up in his 2003 F-150 for his last day of work. After working at Valdosta Orthopedic Associates (VOA) for four years, today is the day he says goodbye.

I remember his first day at VOA! He was a Senior in college and had a semester rotation to shadow a sports medicine clinical setting. At this point in his education he was just a few months away from graduating Valdosta State University with an Athletic Training degree. His plan was to graduate and take a position as an Athletic Trainer. Even though this was a good plan, VOA helped Adam open his opportunities for other options he could pursue.

During his shadowing semester, he use to get dressed up in business casual clothes and be so excited for what he would be able to learn each day. On Tuesdays Adam would get up super early and watch surgeries. I got in the habit of knowing that every Tuesday during this time I would need to listen and nod while he recapped every detail of the surgery he watched!

After graduation, VOA hired him to work with Dr. Sanderlin and gave him all the inspiration, opportunity, resources and encouragement to set a goal of becoming a doctor himself. VOA set the ground floor for Adam to dream bigger than what he originally knew. Even though a job is just a job, Adam was able to work for four years at an incredible  practice, with people that love, support and deeply care for him. It gave him the opportunity to care for the broken and hurting in Valdosta and the surrounding areas. It gave him the knowledge to learn so much about medicine. VOA has done so much more than provide a paycheck. VOA became family!

As we say “see ya later” to our VOA family, we smile with excitement as just a few months away Adam will start his first day of medical school. It is crazy to think that his next day of work, he will be the doctor!


Colleen Howard

P.s. Thank you to everyone at VOA for helping Adam pursue his dream. Thank you for encouraging him every step of the way!



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  1. Jennifer Rudd
    28 May 2020 / 7:17 pm

    I’m gonna miss you Adam! Good luck in medical school. You will do great and I wish you and Colleen all the best. You’re gonna be an awesome doctor.

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