To My Dearest Flower Girls


IMG_0083To my dearest flower girls,

This is not a goodbye but a ‘see ya later’! I just wanted to take a second and let you know how much joy you both bring to my life! When we met in 2017 you both were so tiny and could basically only brush your teeth and crawl in bed by yourself! Even though you both were so small you were so hardworking and brave.

Since 2017 I have seen both of you be beautiful flower girls, learn so much at school, work so hard at different sports and befriend everyone that you meet. You both have such a heart of love and are always ready to help someone else before yourself. I have loved watching you two grow into such amazing kids!

I am so sad to leave Valdosta where I won’t be able to pick you up from school or hang out on the weekends, but I want you to know that we will always be just one FaceTime away. As you continue to get older and face new challenges that life brings please always remember the joy that each day brings. Please remember that at your very core, you two have such a strong sister bond that no one can break. Remember that you can focus and complete any task or obstacle that is in front of you! Know that you have no limits! You can dream as big as you want, then the next day, wake up and dream bigger. Never forget that everyone is your brother and sister in Christ, and they need the kindness and love that God has given you, no matter their size, shape, color or ability. Remember that you are strong! Strong enough to stand up against those who are mean or hurtful. Know that your mind is powerful and the things you put in your brain and the thoughts you have will build you into a wise pre-teen! Remember the more you create and how often you create will keep your imagination alive. Never forget that you are so loved and created to be exactly who you are and that you are a beautiful Child of God! And God has given you the world at your fingertips, all you have to do is play!

Thank you for letting me play and make so many wonderful memories with you the past few years. I know that God has big plans for each of you and I will watch and pray as you grow into those plans!

Much love, Mrs. Colleen.




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