The Start

Wanna hear the lamest pick up line of all time? Just keep reading! Adam and I met through mutual friends at Valdosta State University. My friends kept talking about someone named Howie and I thought he must have been the coolest person in town. When I finally met him, I realized he was a nerdy, charismatic, hardworking ginger that made people laugh! One night we exchanged numbers as we switched shifts at the Campus Recreation rock wall where we both worked. I invited him to my house where my roommates and I were going to watch a movie later than night.

A few hours later I texted Adam letting him know that the movie night was off because my roommates were already asleep. He simply replied “Raincheck?”. I thought he was clever and said “sure!” Fast-forward to two weeks later we have plans to watch a movie together.  He comes to pick me up and I quickly realize that he is dressed pretty nice and that this MIGHT be a date. I looked at my clothes and I was in nike shorts and a t-shirt. Oops. In my mind it was just two people watching a movie. Adam had other plans.

As I jumped in his truck and asked what movie he wanted to watch he took me by complete surprise. He told me I had two options. First option was to go see whatever movie I wanted to watch in the theaters orrrr watch a movie under the stars on top of an outlook tower at a park. Of course, I picked the movie under the stars! I was excited, intrigued and also a little nervous because this guy I barley know is now taking me to a very dark outdoor location where we are likely to be the only people.

Once we arrived I noticed he thought of every detail, blankets, pillows, a laptop and movie options. We walked to the top of the outlook tower, out of breath from the hundreds of stairs but also taken aback at how beautiful the sky looked. Adam quickly set everything up and oh was it so romantic! We both decided on a movie and to this day I have no idea what movie we watched. We had great conversation, got to know each other and butterflies were taking over my body. At some point in the night it was getting pretty cold. I remember him letting me wear his jacket and I snuggled up close to him to get some of his body heat. Next thing I know he pops the worlds cheesiest line possible. He asked, “are your hands cold?” Of course, I said yes! He grabbed my hand to hold and instantly I noticed how perfectly my hand fit inside his.

M&M Hands

We finished the movie and just sat talking about who knows what under the stars. After a while, we packed up, walked back down hundreds of stairs and headed back to his truck. Butterflies had taken over my body at this point and I was still amazed at how my hand fit so well with his. As we were walking back I wanted to hold his hand to see if I was over thinking how well my hand hit in his or not. As I grabbed his hand, I quickly came to the understanding that I have never held a more perfect hand!

M & M Hand holding wedding

Adam drove me home, said he had a great time, I agreed and then jumped out of his truck and ran straight inside. I had such a wonderful time and kept asking myself, “Was that a date? Does he like me? Do I like him? Do I have time for a relationship? Do I want a relationship? Was that date real or just a dream? Huh, I wonder if he likes me?!”

Here we are over three years later, and I still get butterflies thinking about how thoughtful, extra and special Adam made our first date. It was so good and I didn’t even know I was going on a date that would change my life for ever!

Keep your head up high and your words filled with love.

-your friend Colleen Howard

p.s. check out the very first picture Adam and I took together by visiting my facebook page!



  1. Christina
    14 Oct 2018 / 5:45 pm

    I am loving this blog! Love and miss you!

  2. Nancy Archer
    14 Oct 2018 / 6:36 pm

    Your Uncle Bob and I meet 45 years ago at a campgrounds. Our families were friends for several years. It wasn’t until he graduated College that we started talking again. He had a fire at his camper and I stopped by and that has been over 30 years ago. Our long distance relationship went through it’s ups and downs. We were together every weekend except for 4 in the 5 years that we dated. We just celebrated our 24 wedding anniversary in Aug.

  3. Katy
    19 Oct 2018 / 11:32 pm

    Love it!!!! Can’t wait to hear the story of two amazing people 💞

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