The Process of Medical School

There was a night in 2016 that I will never forget. We were doing something that we do often, we were talking about our dreams. Adam was holding me tight when he said, “I want to be a doctor.” He went on to explain that he has always wanted a job where he can help people. Adam was half way through his clinical rotation at Valdosta Orthopedic Associates and was thriving by being challenged in that clinical setting.

At this point in our relationship I knew it was a great dream for Adam to pursue. He was always great with people and enjoyed overcoming challenges while learning about the body. Fast forward to 2018, here we are! Adam is in full pursuit of the first few steps to become a doctor.

The process of becoming a doctor has been a huge learning process for both of us. We are both so thankful you are going along for the ride by reading our blog. Our plan for this blog is to break down and share our journey at every stage of this process.

The process to be a doctor?

  1. Four-year college degree
  2. Apply for medical school
  3. Go to medical school
  4. Residency
  5. Fellowship

What is the process to get into medical school?

  1. Complete all required re-requisite classes
  2. Take the MCAT (like the SAT of medical school)
  3. Complete the AMCAS primary application and submit to the schools you want to apply to
  4. Wait to get secondary applications from the schools that you applied to
  5. Submit secondary application
  6. Wait to an interview
  7. Go to interview
  8. Wait to hear back if you are in or not

Where is Adam in this process?

Adam is well on his way in both of these tracks. He graduated with Honors from Valdosta State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training.

He has sent in two secondary applications and is working on two more. Which means Adam is waiting to hear back from two schools asking for an interview.

Ways that you can be praying!

Please join us in prayer that first and foremost, Gods will be done in both of our lives. Second, that Adam gets and interview! As Adam finishes the other applications that he has good discernment and wisdom with answering detailed questions. And through this whole process may we point people to Christ!

All that we have read and researched, we understand that medical school is extremely hard to get into. Especially the first time applying. Adam has decided that this is the path he wants to take and will work as hard as possible. Even if it means taking more than one attempt at applying. Now we wait! We are making the most of the wait by learning, building a community of support and seeking God for discernment.


Got any questions we didn’t answer? If so just drop below in the comments.

Keep your head up high and your words filled with love!

-Colleen Howard



  1. Mary Van Meter
    21 Oct 2018 / 9:08 pm

    Thanks for the update. This is all good news and will be praying with you.

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