Oddly Familiar

I have a little book on my bedside table called “The Daily Questions – My 5- year Spiritual Journal”. Each day I open it and there is a question for me to answer. Every page has five lines where I write the year and then answer the question for five consecutive years. On August 27th the questions was, “What prayer do you most want answered?” This is when I saw that in 2019 the answer to that question was simply, ‘for Adam to get into medical school’! Fast forward to 365 days later and Adam is in medical school and preparing for his first test.

Even though I am so thankful for all the prayers God has answered to get us to this point, now my prayers look a little different! Instead of my prayers focused around Adam getting into school, they are all about him thriving in school. Specifically, the past two weeks were the first two weeks of learning material for him. Basically, everything changed, but the good change that we have been excited for. Adam was studying all the time, where I only got to see him at meal time. While he studies, I work, cook meals and clean!

Reflecting back at the past two weeks, the two weeks that will reflect every week for our next four years, it all feels oddly familiar. Where I was so worried it would be a large adjustment for us, it has been smooth! These past two weeks have taken us back to our college years where we were both diving in the deep in pursuing what was in front of us. In college we only got to see each other around dinner and the weekends. Throughout the week we just checked in with each other and waited until we had scheduled time to be together. This was how we build the foundation of our relationship and it worked for us.

We are so thankful to be able to go through this new season and adjusting into a rhythm that feels familiar. I get to work as hard as I want to in my career just as fiercely and determined as I was in student government, my classes, group fitness, and building a school spirit organization in college! I get to support Adam as he studies and keep myself busy working hard to stay out of his way.

I know that we have a lot more obstacles and barriers to get through during this medical school journey but the first two weeks have been great! Adam did a great job on his first test and has a great little study group to help take notes and study! We know we could have a mind set of ‘just getting by’ in this season but we believe that God brought us together because we are better at serving Him as a couple than individual, and we will strive to thrive in this season we are blessed with.

We are living answered prayers! Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and continues to cover us in prayers.

Much love, your favorite millennial couple!

P.S. Enjoy some pictures of Adam and I thriving together in college.



  1. Kevin Kavanaugh
    30 Aug 2020 / 8:49 pm

    Prayer is powerful!

  2. Emily
    30 Aug 2020 / 8:52 pm

    Y’all are precious!! Good luck to Adam
    On his first big

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