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August 10th was the very first day of orientation for Adam at Mercer University School of Medicine! We had been preparing and praying for this moment for what felt like forever. Then the moment finally came and went. We have been in Savannah since the end of May making sure I was set up for my job and our home was in order and ready for extreme focus. Check out Adams ‘Welcome to my crib…med school edition’ of his college x 2 pad.

Check out Adams study setup! Yes he insist that he needs this many monitors.
Study #2 location! Adam loves the chaise.
Here is where he tries to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night! (note from Adam- “I was forced to take these pictures…”)

The weekend before orientation week, Adam and I enjoyed a Saturday at Tybee Island and then Sunday we went to a pool party to meet some other first year students and upperclassmen at an apartment pool. It was great being able to meet new people that will hopefully soon to be familiar faces!

On the first day of orientation Adam had all of the feelings! He was prepared and eager to meet friends. Of course he showed up early ready to rock and roll! I wish this is where I had a funny story to tell you he ripped his pants and everyone laughed at him…but sadly that didn’t happen. He did survive first day which happened to be picture day and meeting some fellow classmates.

After the first day of school we got to meet some more of his classmates at a bowling night that the second year students put on! It was our first time bowling post-COVID so we were a little rusty but we still had a blast. I enjoyed being able to meet some of his classmates and even a few spouses. Wednesday of orientation week we got to go to a Savannah Bananas game and meet even more people! We were so hype to watch some good baseball but unfortunately it got super rained out. On the bright side, we got to meet more people and have a great time. But Thursday night we were both so tired, me from working and Adam from all the new experiences, that we stayed home and watched The Office!

After Adam survived the last day of orientation week it was time to hit the books and start studying for the real deal. I thought it would be better to leave him to his book so I took myself away as a distraction and headed to Florida for a girls trip. After leaving Adam to 300 pages of reading he was able to get really prepared for the first week of academic learning.

This is where things really felt real! Orientation week was cute and all, but I knew school was here when Adam asked me to wake him up at 5:05 AM when I woke up! I thought he was kidding…but nope. He was up, showered and out the door at 5:30 AM to head to the school to study and get a jump start on his week.

Here is a rare photo of Adam leaving before me!

Poor guy looked so tired already but he was eager to learn all of the information because a test was quickly coming up on Friday. Adam had a mid-week pick-me-up thanks to his first official anatomy lab on Wednesday. He got to learn anatomy on a real human cadaver. He lit up when he was telling me about it and just kept saying that he was so thankful that he didn’t pass out or get sick from it!

Friday quickly came and Adam was ready for his first test…yep. A test every week. He seemed confident going in and was happy with how much he prepared. I eagerly awaited his text and was so relieved that he was happy of his results!

The first week of medical school definitely altered what our day to day marriage routine looks like. Where I was leaving for work around 7am and Adam was still asleep, now we are both waking up at the same time and getting to say good morning to each other. Where Adam use to be home all day to take care of Evie, now we have to communicate to make sure she is taken care of. Where Adam was doing most of the laundry, our laundry piled up and was over filling so we adjusted to start a new laundry routine. Where we use to have different things planned throughout the week, now I can have plans but Adam’s will always be to study. It is very different but in many ways I think we will thrive through this season.

When Adam and I meet in college we were both very busy and really only got to spend time together during dinners and weekends and it oddly feels very familiar to those original days. We have rocked this adjustment because we have had so much love and support from friends and family. Thank you to all who have prayed over us in this transition season.

Five days down, hundreds to go as we all support Adam on his path to MD!

Love, your favorite millennial couple!


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  1. Kevin Kavanaugh
    23 Aug 2020 / 7:29 pm

    Praying for you guys! Keep plugging away! “The only easy day was yesterday”
    (Navy Seal Slogan)

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