Accepted, Now What?

The biggest question we have been asked is “Since Adam has been accepted into medical school, now what?”

Great question! Glad you asked! Let me tell you!
Now we wait….

Haha, for real. It is that simple. Adam applied in early admission. Which means he was one of the first in the 2020 medical school application process to be accepted into Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM). In the application process we were prepared to have Adam apply to close to 20 medical schools and not know an answer until summer of 2020 if he gets accepted and where we will move to. Finding out he has been accepted and knowing where we will be as of October 1st has given us so much more time back than we were prepared to wait!

The only definite plan we have is that we plan to move to the Savannah area by July 2020. Until then Adam will continue to work at Valdosta Orthopedic Associates (VOA), and I will continue to build my business with Aflac. We know for sure that I will transfer my job to the Savannah Aflac region by July 2020, but it could happen sooner rather than later. Change is always happening in the insurance world! All I can control is how hard I work and to take positions that will be best for Adam and my career. With that being said, we will continue to live and grow in Valdosta unless an opportunity opens for me to transfer my job before July 2020. Valdosta has grown to be our home! We have friends that turned to family and we don’t want to rush into our next season until getting the most out of where we are now.

Below are some questions we have been getting asked that are just easier to answer in question format!

“When will we be moving to Savannah, GA?” -anytime between Jan-July 2020.

“What type of doctor does Adam what to be” – right now Adam is open to seing what is out there and finding the best fit for himself in medicine!

“Where will we live” – not sure yet, depends on where I (Colleen) get placed for work but somewhere in the Savannah region. We would ideally like to downsize to an apartment complex that has a pool and dishwasher!

“Is the next step kids” – haha nope! Check back later

“Do you know people in Savannah” – we have two college friends, one childhood friend family, one camp friend, and one of my best friends’ mom that are all in the Savannah area! So, we are not going to a town where we know NO-body, but we will feel like we are starting from scratch.

“How long will we be in Savannah” – four years

“Will we move back to Valdosta after his school?” – this is a hard question because we really don’t know. After our four years in Savannah, Adam will apply to residency programs. Residency programs last 3-5 years and will be his first paid position out of medical school. The programs he applies to can be anywhere in the country. He has mentioned that a great orthopedic residency is in Memphis, TN so that could be where we go next. But as for Valdosta, we wouldn’t mind moving back after school is all said and done, but that is just too far away to tell.

“How much student loans will we take on?” – as little as possible! Adam will be applying for a scholarship that will waive his medical school fees if he works four years in a rural community after medical school. We are praying and speaking into being that he will get this scholarship! If that is the case, we will do everything possible to live on my income alone and avoid taking on any debt. If he does not get awarded the scholarship, we are looking about $42,000 which is the average cost of Mercer medical school per year.

“Will we switch from Blazer fans to Bear (Mercers mascot) fans?” -not at all. Since Adam will be attending classes over 100 miles from the main campus, we will not be active in much school spirit at all. We will be proud mercer supporters for the education and opportunity it has given Adam to pursue his dreams, but go Blazers for life!

“What hospital will Adam be doing rounds at?” – Adam will be doing a lot of learning at Memorial Health University Medical Center

“Are we excited for what is to come?” – 100% yes. We know there will be a lot of work and transition we both will endure for Adam to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor, but we both know it will be worth it when he gets to be a huge help in patients healing process.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Kevin Kavanaugh
    22 Oct 2019 / 7:10 pm

    My thoughts on all of this as a dad; one of my favorite verses, “Commit yourselves to The Lord and your plans will succeed.” (PROV.16:3)
    Have fun and enjoy the process!

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