The Call!

He did it! Or should I say, “God did it!” After Adam’s interview at Mercer University School of Medicine in Savannah, GA, we made our way back to Valdosta and waited. We knew that Adam felt very confident about the interview but now everything was out of his control and all we could do was trust that God had our steps planned for us. Adam told me that if he got accepted, he would get a phone call by October 1st, if he got deferred or declined, he would know by email. We woke up every day beyond excited and with overwhelming peace that he did the best he could.

Wednesday evening, September 25th around 6:15pm, I was on the phone with a co-working discussing work and Adam called. I hit decline so that I could finish the conversation. Well Adam called again about two minutes later. Since it is very odd for Adam to call back to back, I asked my co-worker to hold so I could make sure everything with Adam was okay. When I answered a little concerned due to the back to back phone call, but as soon as he said, “babe, guess what phone call I just got” I knew he got the acceptance phone call and I busted out crying tears of pure joy.

Adam was officially accepted into medical school!

Adam came home and celebrated while playing a round of disc golf while I was at hot yoga. I somehow made it through hot yoga literally crying the whole time because I was so happy. After both of our hobby outings we celebrated with good fast food and an episode of Scrubs. He had worked so hard the past two years getting closer to this step and it officially happened!

We can not thank you all enough for your prayers and support through this season of our life.

Love your favorite millennial couple, the Howards!



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  1. Kevin Kavanaugh
    22 Oct 2019 / 8:20 am

    God is good! Hard work always pays off as well as prayer!

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