Adam’s Medical School Journey Update! 

Where we left you off earlier in the year was that Adam had taken the MCAT and got a good enough score to apply to two medical schools! He did that while also figuring out how to apply for medical school, still taking online pre-requisite courses, working full time, being an athletic trainer and figuring out the married life he found time to submit applications to the Mercer University School of Medicine and Florida State University.

We were excited to have two applications submitted but he was very aware that he would have to bring up his MCAT score to be considered at those two schools and many more. Once the applications were submitted in the late fall of 2018 all that he could do was wait. In April of 2019 Adam got declined from Mercer and then a few months later got declined from Florida State’s Medical school program. (If you want to know more about the process of medical school check out this blog I wrote last year)

Once he received the two rejection letters, he used them as pure motivation to get accepted into those schools. This encouraged him to strive for A’s in his online science classes, study harder for the MCAT and to get the best recommendation letters possible. And that is exactly what happened! Adam used the excitement to apply for early admission at Mercer. He spent countless hours perfecting his essays, uploading recommendation letters and preparing his application. Just two short days after hitting the submit button good news came! I got a phone call from Adam on a Wednesday at 3:55pm which was weird because he never calls during work hours unless it is an emergency. As soon as he answered the phone he said, “Hey babe, I can’t talk long! I just wanted to let you know that I heard back from Mercer…. and they have asked me to come to an interview!”

We celebrated at our favorite local BBQ joint and knew this was the first step to a big journey. As Adam prepares for his interview with Mercer, we are asking people to cover him in prayers. If you are willing to commit to pray for Adam as he takes a big step into following his dreams please reach out to us and let us know! We are so excited for what his future holds, but we know that we need a community of prayer warriors to cover us in prayer each step of the way.

Thank you for following our journey,

Love, Your favorite millennial couple, The Howards!



  1. Nancy
    9 Sep 2019 / 8:47 pm

    You know you always have my prayers. Love you both.

  2. Tom McKinney
    10 Sep 2019 / 1:53 pm

    Great news for Adam! We’ll be praying for greater blessings to come.

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