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Happy hurricane season to all of our many Marriage and Medical School supporters. We have missed keeping you updated in our lives, but we have good reasons. If you haven’t talked to any young professionals in their 20’s you would not likely know the struggles that working millennials are going through. The pressure to come out of college, be married, work your way up in a career, buy a house, be well-traveled, start a family, and do all this while being debt free. Well, that is not ideal for Adam and I, and we are called to a different path! (If you have any young professionals in your life please go above and beyond in checking up on them!)

Shortly after we celebrated our first year of marriage, we dove deep into what our next year of marriage would look like. We did this by really focusing on figuring out what our calling is in life. I was confident that my calling is in leadership and to encourage and support other hard-working professionals. With that I dove in deep to my job and hit the best quarter of sales in my career. This followed a promotion of taking a role as a Coordinator in Training, but I did not even come close to hitting my quota in this new role. Man, it did not feel good knowing I am called to leadership while I had no one on my team to lead for three months.

This was all around the same time when Adam was working full time as a lead orthopedic tech and Athletic Trainer, taking an online science class, and studying for the MCAT “round two”. (Check out our MCAT blog post) He was busy, tired, stressed and questioning if his calling was to pursue medicine at all or at the doctoral level.

This season of discovery kept us quiet from sharing our journey while we looked within. The good news is that we have clearly identified what is important to us! We are excited to use the gifts and talents that God has gifted us to the fullest. Now all I can say is, get ready! We are excited to be back on track with keeping our followers and support system up to date with each step of our lives.

Keep your head up high and words filled with love!

Love your favorite millennial couple, The Howards


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  1. Kevin Kavanaugh
    8 Sep 2019 / 7:48 pm

    As usual great job!

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