Celebrating with Family

Adam loves to be celebrated! Birthdays are a big deal for him. He loves spending time with his family and all things GIFTS. One of Adam’s high school friends had a wedding at the end of October in his home town. It was just a few weeks away from his 25th birthday so it was a perfect weekend to combo the wedding and his birthday weekend with his family.


We enjoyed a beautiful wedding Saturday night and I got to meet Adam’s high school friends! Once Sunday hit we knew it was a whole day to relax and celebrate Adam. The morning started off slow with his parents preparing a massive brunch. Man, was it incredible! Complete with Joanna Gains’ biscuits, fruit, quiche, bacon and of course good coffee. We ate until our stomachs were screaming for us to stop!

The brunch was followed by me curling up in a comfy chair and taking a mid-day nap. Adam, his dad Tim and his brother Seth put on their jackets and headed out to play a round of disc golf. I woke up just in time for Donna, Adam’s mom, to give me a hard time about me falling asleep on her and for the boys to pull into the garage. We all got ready and headed into Atlanta.

We stopped at a coffee shop called Brother Moto. I was hoping to catch a pop-up event and try a small business called Hell Yeah Gluten Free (HYGF) which specialized in gluten free desserts. As we walked into the coffee shop we quickly realized that this is not a normal coffee shop. Brother Moto is a coffee shop that is joined with a motorcycle shop! Bikes where everywhere, it was so unique and different. But they sold out of desserts in the first hour. We got coffee and looked around!

Our next stop was to JCT Kitchen for dinner reservations at 5:00pm. While we had some time to kill, Tim was showing us a historic place in Atlanta called the Goat Farm. This place was so interesting. I didn’t know what to expect at first but then I quickly realized how special it is. It is an old-time railroad station. Now this location is a space of apartments and office space for creative Atlantans. People come to drink coffee, see goats, take pictures and enjoy nature. Tim told us that this location was used in filming district five of the Hunger Games movie and countless other movies have use this space. I highly recommend it if you want a historic and cool stroll in Atlanta. We had our own little photo shoot with some outside art then enjoyed relaxing a bit before our dinner reservation.


JCT Kitchen. It really should have its own whole blog post. I knew it came highly recommended from the Howards and others we have heard speak of it, but our expectations were met with a home run! It is in a cool spot in Atlanta that seemed pretty popular but also secluded at the same time. The décor is so fun and could have been decorated on an episode of Fixer Upper. The atmosphere was wonderful, the service was great, and the food was unbelievable.

How the menu works, at least for Sunday dinner, was each member picks what meal they want and the whole tables picks three sides. Before the food comes out the server brings out the appetizers which literally have biscuits that taste like heaven, deviled eggs and salad. Even though all this was amazing we had to save room for the food. Adam and I ordered the fried chicken and it was incredible. Somehow, we each finished our plates and all the sides then ordered a dessert to spilt. As if that was not enough we went over to Jenni’s Ice-cream where we tried all the fall flavors and I ended up getting a dairy free ice-cream cone.


We were full of food, sweets and love. Adam and I hugged his family loaded up in Curbie (our Toyota corolla) and jumped on I-75 to head back to Valdosta. It was an incredible trip. We felt full and rested at the same time. Adam and I love being about to connect and spend time with any of our family even if it is just for a day. We are so thankful for both of our families and how they are so good and loving and supporting us.

High recommendations: Goat Farm, Brother Moto, HYGF, JCT Kitchen, Jennies Ice-cream, My in-laws cooking.

Keep your head up high and your words filled with love!

Your friend, Colleen Howard


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