Faith Disconnected

It was just a casual Wednesday. As I was winding down for the night I closed my laptop, connected it to the charger and went about my routine. Two days later I picked up my laptop to work on something, who knows what! I simply unplugged my beloved seven years seasoned laptop and turned it on. Low and behold the fully charged laptop I thought I was holding was actually completely dead.

I didn’t understand why there was no charge. The charger was plugged into the wall and into my charging port WITH THE LITTLE CHARGING LIGHT ON! As I started to get upset that my faith in something so simple had failed me I heard a little voice quickly calm me.

It was as if my heavenly father was speaking right into my soul. He said, this is how frustrating it is when you have all the right tools to be connected to Me, but you simply don’t. This hit me like a wall of bricks. Of course, this came at a time in my life where I had plenty of time on my hands. I woke up in time to read my bible and pray but I chose Instagram and Facebook. I had my bible and journal right there in front of me all day on my desk, but I chose to open a Cosmo and Netflix instead of my devotional. I had plenty of time to pray but I decided to fill my time thinking about Instagram posts and followers instead of taking the time to pray.

It’s so funny how God uses something like a laptop and charger that can be so distracting to my faith but also such a strong way to wake me up and remind me what is important. And what is important is connecting with my heavenly father. Being one with Him. Waking up every day laying down my life to gain so much more love, grace and mercy than I could ever imagine.

Since the day my laptop charger failed me, I have grown so much more in my relationship with God by striving to connect with God daily. I have the tools and the time. He is pursuing me, I just simply lost my connection.


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  1. Venus Moss
    3 Dec 2018 / 4:20 pm

    Amen!!! Awesome Colleen!!! God is good!!!

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