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We just went on constant dates for three years…why do we still need to plan and go on dates now that we’re married??? This is what I have recently been asking myself in the first few months of marriage. Adam and I quickly realized the tension that was created when all we did to spend quality time together was watch The Office. Once we put our heads together to brain storm some date ideas the first one was a no brainer!

We are a pretty competitive couple. With that being said, we compete but Adam pretty much ALWAYS wins. First date in the serious of End of 2018 Dates, HAD to be competitive. We picked up our Wild Adventures Gold Season Passes and headed straight to play a round of putt-putt! Our Wild Adventures Gold Season Passes have been a gift from my parents the past two years. THIS IS NOT AN AD for Wild Adventures…but if you live close to Wild Adventures and are in your 20’s just go-ahead and get a Gold Season Pass. Every year we have a blast going on dates year-round from Halloween scares, Christmas lights, summer concerts and even wrestling.


As we got to the putt-putt course we went ahead and made a bet! A sink full of dirty dishes was on the line for the loser. Adam somehow made a hole-in-one WHILE talking on the phone, yet I still came out with the W! After I embarrassed Adam at putt-putt, we took a nice walk around the park and ended up at the petting zoo. We got a good laugh out of the talking birds and got to pet some pretty chill animals. Once Adam got a good selfie with a goat we were ready to move on to the next attraction.


My favorite way to end a trip to Wild Adventures is to take a ride on the Farris Wheel. In my mind it is the most romantic way to end a date….but then I realize 1. We are in Valdosta and 2. I’m with Adam! We got the whole Farris Wheel to ourselves and it was full of fun. We watched as the sun began to set and headed back to town for dinner with some friends!

After this night I was reminded that even though we are married, dates don’t have to be expensive. Dates are all about doing something together and taking time to breathe outside of the normal schedule of life. While this is not our most romantic thought-out date, it is one of my favorite dates as husband and wife so far!

What is one of your favorite dates?

Do you have any date ideas for us?


Keep your head up high and your words filled with love.

Your friend, Colleen Howard

P.S. If you have a Wild Adventures pass, hit us up for double dates!


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