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Hi, and welcome to the Marriage and Med school blog! No matter how you found us, we are so happy that you are here. Our heart for this little space on the internet is to share our stories, our heart and our journey as Adam and I take on marriage and the process through medical school.

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Warning! We are confident that we will have mountain highs that we want to share with you and some valley lows that may not be so easily shared. There may be sometimes that we overshare or times in our journey when we need encouragement and support. Adam and I will share our dreams, our successes, and our failures. We may ask for advice and we will always even ask for prayer! This is your warning that things may get emotional!

Nevertheless, we are going to be here! To record our memories of this sweet time of our lives but also as a place of encouragement for other couples that are married and pursing medical school.

The idea of this blog came about when I started looking up information to help me support Adam as he pursues his dreams of becoming a doctor. I only found one book that spoke on the relationships during medical school. The community is small. We found that only 10% of medical students are married. And out of those 10%, 50% of those relationships end in divorcé. So here we are!

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Please take a minute to share this page with anyone you know thinking about applying for medical school. Share it with someone you know that is in a relationship with a current or future medical school student. Maybe just share it with someone that needs encouragement in their marriage!

Thank you for wandering onto this page! We hope that our openness and excitement for marriage will brighten your day and challenge you to love and live a little deeper today.

Keep your head up high and your words filled with love!

-your friend Colleen Howard



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