Interview Surprise

We were on the road from Valdosta to Savannah, GA. It was the night before Adams big interview for Mercer University School of Medicine. As we drove I tried taking his mind off of the big day. We cruised listening to podcast and jammed to Kacey Musgraves. I had warned him that I had a little surprise to give him before the interview. If you know anything about Adam, he loves gifts. The sun was setting and he asked for the surprise to be given to him. I reached in the back seat and handed him a box full of notes.

He started opening one note at a time and realized that they were letters from our family and friends. These were letters of nothing but love, excitement and support. I had reached out to all of these people a week prior and was blown away at the amount of notes that were collected.

Once Adam got through reading each note he looked up at me and said, “Wow, I’m about to cry. This really is amazing! It’s great to be reminded that I have such a great support system.” He loved them so much he asked for them all back to read through them again.

I couldn’t agree more! We have so many people that have prayed, encouraged and supported us each step of the way. Below you can see the encouraging messages that were given to Adam the night before or day of the MUSM interview.





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