Our Favorite Thing In Our First Year of Marriage

February 17th 2019, marks ONE YEAR of MARRIAGE! Does that mean we are no longer newlyweds?!? Who knows? Who cares! We are still deeply in love. Through the past 365 days we have been so blessed. There have been many ups and downs but we can look back and see how we have both learned and grown through this first year. Below are some of our favorite things that we experienced in the past 365 days of marriage!

Favorite Podcast– Up and Vanished

Colleen’s favorite book– Come Matter Here by Hannah Brencher

Adam’s favorite book- Fight by Craig Groeschel

Funniest moment in marriage– Colleen viewing Adam’s MCAT scores before him

Most memorable learning moment– meeting with a financial advisor

Biggest ‘adulting’ moment– Setting up a joint savings account!

Most valuable experience– babysitting our flower girls for four days while their parents were on a mission trip!

Favorite meal to cook at home– Steak pasta cooked by Adam

Favorite drink– Sleepy Time Tea

Favorite way to spend time together– Walking Evie (our corgi)

Favorite song– Free by Zac Brown

Favorite TV show– You by Netflix

Favorite fast food– Zaxby’s

Favorite restaurant– Woodstack BBQ Tavern

Favorite trip– Honeymoon! Cruise to the Bahamas

Adam’s advice to couples about to go into their first year of marriage– be flexible, listen well, set expectations for each other, and take time to gain perspective and gather information before speaking.

Colleen’s advice to couples going into their first year of marriage- dream bigger while talking about your futures together. Explain your expectations as often as possible!

We look back at our first year of marriage and are overwhelmed by the ways God has blessed us! To everyone who has taken any part in our first 12 months of marriage, we are so truly grateful for your support in our lives.

Keep your head up high and words filled with love!

Your friends, Adam and Colleen Howard




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