Medical School Update – March 2019

One year ago (2018), Adam was studying hard to finish a list of prerequisite classes, cram for the MCAT and figure out how to apply for medical schools. He worked hard and learned so much through the process but did not get any interviews from the two schools he applied to. Which brings us to year two of applying to medical school. Check out what Adam has to say about where he is in the process of pursuing his dreams and what steps he is taking now!

“During the time between admissions cycles, I have been trying to apply what I learned during last year’s cycle. I have finished organic chemistry I and II and feel much more prepared to take on the MCAT exam for a second time and to improve my score significantly. I have also taken greater advantage of opportunities at my job to gain even further clinical experience. I am very optimistic that with an improved MCAT score, GPA, and resume, 2019 will be the year that I am accepted to a great school and we can move on to the next chapter in our lives.”

We have strong faith that this will be the year Adam gets a few interviews and acceptance letters for medical school! Last year he only applied for two schools, Florida State University and Mercer. This year he is planning to apply to 20 schools. This will be easier for him second time around because he knows the process, how much time he will need to dedicate and how much to expect financially. From what we have read and learned about the process of medical school is that it is pretty rare to get in your first try. Most students get it their second, third or fourth try. Adam is confident for this application season but knows that this is still just the start of a very long journey.

This is going to be an exciting year for the both of us as we are working hard to pursue our dreams. If you are looking to help in any way, we would be so honored if you could be praying for wisdom, encouragement, peace, strength and an interview that leads to an acceptance letter as Adam proceeds in his second year of applying for medical school. Thank you so much for following along in our journey. We couldn’t do this without such a wonderful and supportive community.

P.s. check out our blog post of the process of medical school!

As always, keep your head up high and your words filled with love!

Your friends, Colleen and Adam Howard


It’s Getting Hot in Here!

I honestly stumbled upon yoga. When I was the team leader for Valdosta State University Campus Recreation, we had no yoga instructor, so I got certified. I couldn’t touch my toes. I didn’t know how to breathe while working out. I didn’t know any moves besides: down dog, child’s pose, and warrior one. I didn’t know the difference between hot yoga and sunrise yoga.  I was pretty much a train wreck.

As I finished my online certification, I was lucky enough to have a roommate that had a few years of yoga experience. She gave me so much help and wisdom. Without attending a yoga class in six months, I found myself in front of a class instructing a few college students in my first ever yoga class.

I was never a wonderful yoga teacher, but I made it fun and strived to give people rest. The art of yoga means so many things to so many people. Yoga became rest for me. It became my stress relief. It got me through summers of camp and my last few semesters of college. Somehow when I graduated from college and got married, I forgot all the deep rest and rejuvenation that yoga gifts me with. After many conversations with Adam I finally wrapped my mind around treating myself to a yoga class once a week. After almost a year of no yoga, as soon as I started back, I could tell my body, soul, and mind missed the deep rest that I can only seem to find in a studio on a mat.

Now it is a priority for me to go to a yoga class at least once a week! One of the studios in town had a promo for ‘bring a Friday’ for HOT YOGA. Not just normal yoga but in a room that is about 85 degrees. Yep, I drug Adam with me. I wanted him to see that yoga isn’t as easy as child’s pose and that it brings me so much rest. The teacher for the class we attended was Kim. I LOVE Kim’s classes. She is tough, accommodating for everyone in the room but she was always so real and raw. We rolled our mats out, already sweating from just stepping foot in the door, did about 100 vinyasa and felt deeper rest than I had experienced in a while.

As we packed up, I was waiting for Adam to let me know how much he hated it. To my surprise he thought the class was challenging but he enjoyed us doing it together! He could tell that I was my best self during and after attending a yoga class. He was able to see the value in me simply showing up on the mat to be my biggest encourager for me to put myself first and to go more often.

I am so thankful he showed up with me for a fun date night than meant so much to me! What is something out of the ordinary date night routine that you and your boo have recently tried?

p.s. do something today that is just for you!

Keep your heads up high and your words filled with love!

Your friend, Colleen HowardIMG_2429