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One Week Until Medical School

The countdown is on! It has been a crazy year (which you are fully aware of. ) Thanks to our close friends and awesome apartment complex we had a very easy and successful move from Valdosta to Savannah, GA. Even though we would never wish it on anyone to move in the middle of a pandemic, we honestly can’t complain.

Exactly 7 days from today Adam will be finished with his first day of medical school! He feels ready, excited and as if all of his hard work has lead up till now. His last day of work was May 30th and since then he has been relaxing, sleeping, playing professional disc golf (yes he is a professional disc golfer…) in and just preparing for what is to come.

He was pretty relaxed until he got his first week of school assignments today! Let me sum it up by saying… 13 textbooks and a test on the first friday of the week. I don’t really know what all that means, but Adam does. He went from calm, cool and collected to sweating a little bit realizing that this is real and it is coming fast.

If you know Adam, you know how ready he is for this! He has been preparing for this season for over four years. Saying he worked hard to get here is an understatement. But he is about to learn a whole new level of hard work and dedication.

How you can support us? Pray for the following things:

That Adam has peace and confidence going into his first week of school.

That Adam meets great friends that will be his community through the next four years.

That I adapt and learn the best ways to support him through this new season.

And that no matter what, we both strive to live more like Christ.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support through this season!

Love your favorite Millennial Couple,

Colleen & Adam Howard

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