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How to Keep a Winning Aflac Attitude When You Always Seem to Miss the Mark

In sales, you get four quarters to prove yourself to your ‘uplines’. That is 12 months, divided into four quarters with the same or similar goals each month. The set goals aren’t easy. The ‘uplines’ who set the goals want you to work hard. Harder than the year before, quarter before, or even month before. These goals are there to encourage you, push you, and test you. Sometimes if you hit some of the goals you may win cash prizes or even free trips.

But what happens when you try your best and you are consistent…consistently missing the mark? Yeah, I know how it feels. To pour everything out. To get better and better each quarter by beating your previous self but missing the one laid out in front of you. No matter if you are a first-year agent, second year DSC, third year RSC or a MD. Missing the mark is never easy.

I have missed more marks than makes I have hit but the one thing that has kept me going is my attitude.  Below are some of the things I do to keep a winning attitude when I pour everything out in the work week but still somehow seem to miss the mark.

These four steps have helped me redirect my attitude after missing the mark all too often. In a world where failing can get the very best of us and steal our winning attitude, we must fight to keep winning at the forefront of our mind. We must set our own personal goals to keep us moving as we strive to achieve goals other set before us. Most importantly we are not alone! Someone knows how you feel, they have been where you are and trust me, everyone wants to see you win! It starts with choosing to keep a winning mindset no matter what.

Love, Your Aflac sister who will NEVER settle for less than the best!

p.s. when you know this feeling I am talking about. When you know how deep it hurts because of how bad you wanted it, reach out to someone who missed the mark as well. Tell them at least one way that you saw them grow. Encourage them that they are not alone. Thank them for how they contributed to the team effort. Tell them that they can keep going and growing no matter what the current results say. Remind them that they are worth it, this career is worth it, and the policy holders we serve are worth it! We are all in this fight to keep a winning mind set together.


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